While i’m not particularly fond of Anita Sarkeesian, I definitely believe the attacks on her are not needed. 

XXXHolic gives me way to many feels.

I only need 3 text books for my uni classes this semester and 2 of them are required for the whole year. i’m so happy about that and t saves me money as well.

Just saw someone playing Dragon Age II in LARP and the real girl.

LARP and the Real Girl :D, so happy. I have been waiting for this for ages and by ages i mean a week but i’m finally watching it. Thank you Australia( not really)

Sunday, February 17th

The first of Game themed events

The Sims-College Expansion Pack - Garden City Breakfast Because we know you’ve not yet had the opportunity to buy any FOOD… we’re giving you free BREAKFAST at one of the Piazza Eateries at Westfield GARDEN CITY (because although there is nothing like your mums cooking… she is GONE NOW, so enjoy breakfast on us). Meet us at the Bus Circuit and we’ll take you for a buffet breakfast and leave you with a map and some helping tips to go off and explore Garden City for the day.

This is your closest shopping centre, so check out all that it has to offer and pick up anything you’ve forgotten to bring with you and some food to last you the week because we’ll be keeping you so busy you mightn’t get another chance!

Game of Life – Games Night It’s time for a good old fashioned games night. It’s time to show your competitive side. Are you a twister champion? Are you a scrabble master? Are you a money god in monopoly? Are you a Pictionary artist? This night will feature the return of the amazing/fabulous/awesome RED FROGS CREW!! This might be a great opportunity to introduce or re-acquaint yourself after many possible embarrassing moments from Schoolies… these guys will also be joining us regularly through the week.


Game on: Press Start to Play

So the university i’m attending is having it’s Orientation week soon and teh theme for is Game on: Press Start to Play which is pretty epic. But what makes this whole thing hilarious are the horrible puns and names they give the activities.  As soon as i figure out to do stuff on windows 8 i’ll post the activity list

When you think something is supernatural but in reality it’s not natural

My Top 5 Champs of Lol

In no particular order except for Vayne





and number 5 is Caitlyn